The studio is a modern dream factory - a living lab created to revolutionise the staid world of furniture with boundary-defying pieces built specifically for tomorrow’s world. 



Each Stealth coffee table is a timeless sculpture, its futuristic form offset by a mirror shine that reflects its surroundings - its present. Stealth is available in three forms: Mirage, Sylvan, and Ghost (coming soon)


The visually arresting Mirage line presents a shimmering vision: shifting between two striking metallic tints, and overlaid with a glittering high gloss sheen

Stealth Mirage Emerald


Stealth Mirage Ocean


Stealth Mirage Snow


Design by Storm is devoted to upending the unnecessarily “sensible” world of furniture by weaving together experimental forms, functions and technological augmentation.


In its organic Sylvan guise, the unique grain patterns of warm Tasmanian Oak accentuate the table’s clean lines, melding past with future in a single piece.