Creativity. Surprise. Emotion. Awe. Design. Furniture. This is what we dream at Design by Storm.

The objects are, first and foremost, forward thinking. Each and every piece is unique, challenging; a combination of functional forms, sculptural geometry experiments, time-honed craft, and inventive technology.

The finesse and beauty of the creations comes from an artist’s sensibility for material and form, and a craftsman’s attention to detail and structural integrity.

We make everything right here in Melbourne: dreaming, designing, and building our creations using a combination of the latest technology and age-old craftsmanship (with our close knit community, who just happen to be master craftspeople).

We thrive on challenging the impossible - each of our creations is the product of months of R&D, all to make sure there is always one more colour, one more angle, one more mystery for you to discover.

Dani Storm founded Design by Storm in 2017 as a Industrial design and furniture design studio, devoted to weaving together form, novel materials, craft and new technology.

An evangelist for innovative design, Dani’s mission is to reimagine our relationship with the ubiquitous, yet tragically behind-the-times furniture we spend every day on and around. She pursues this aim with singular determination, but through multiple channels: in addition to Design by Storm, she pays it forward to the next generation through teaching Design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).

Dani’s background is as diverse as her work week – her design eye distils the influences of life, study and work in South Africa, the United States and Australia. She holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), as well as M.A. and B.A. degrees in Object and Visual Communications Design. Her work experience runs the design gamut, from startup experience at an LA-based boutique design studio and a design-tech venture in Boston, to experimental research into biodegradable furniture.