About Design by Storm

Creativity. Surprise. Emotion. Awe. Design. Furniture. This is what we dream at Design by Storm.

We make everything right here in Melbourne: dreaming, designing, and building our pieces using a combination of the latest technology (CNC, laser cutting, 3D-printing...) and age-old craftsmanship (with our close knit community of friends, who just happen to be master craftspeople). We thrive on challenging the impossible - each of our creations is the product of months of R&D, all to make sure there is always one more colour, one more angle, one more mystery for you to discover.


An industrial designer by trade, Danielle Storm founded Design by Storm as a ground-breaking furniture design studio, devoted to upending the unnecessarily “sensible” world of furniture by weaving together experimental forms, functions and technological augmentation. 

Dani also teaches at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Industrial Design, and holds design degrees from universities on three continents; including a Master of Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and a Master of Object Design from the University of New South Wales. Her work experience runs the design gamut, from startup experience at an LA-based boutique design studio and a design-tech venture in Boston, to experimental research into biodegradable furniture, to working for a major agency in South Africa. 

An evangelist for innovative design, Dani spends her time freeing furniture from its historical restraints, and reimagining our relationship with these ubiquitous creations.


Our photography is by Makiko Ryujin from Made In The Dark Studio