Embodying Danielle’s vision for counter-intuitive furniture that challenges as it delights, the Stealth coffee table line represents the culmination of her experimentation into prismatic forms and the interaction of internal and external light sources. In its technologically augmented Ghost version (coming soon), it is a crystalline shard with an ethereal glow; its sensors "reading the room” to adapt the hue and intensity of a hidden light source to surrounding movement. This spectral form is juxtaposed with its visually arresting Mirage version; a shimmering vision that shifts between two striking metallic tints, overlaid with a glittering high gloss sheen. Finally, in its organic Sylvan guise, the unique grain patterns of warm Tasmanian Oak accentuate the table’s clean lines, melding past with future in a single piece. 


Drawing its inspiration from the imperfections of naturally occurring gemstones, Stealth is a celebration of positive non-conformity. The line was designed from the ground up to rebel against “logical standardisation” - it was prototyped by hand to perfect its interplay with light; the final shape and angles derived from the final prototype, rather than pre-planned to ensure convenient round numbers and mass-producibility. As a coffee table it is always visible, drawing people into its space, while its bold individuality and conscious rejection of the logical status quo provoke curiosity in place of resigned acceptance. In a world where people and their furniture have been subdued, standardised and optimised to a uniform dull grey, Stealth is a mutiny of irrepressible technicolor.